Hi there! I'm Kati. Married since 12/11/10 and mother of 2 under 3. I'm also a Cranio Mom, which means that I have a child with craniosynostosis. While it affects 1 in 2,000 births, I had never heard of it until Zoey was born. Maybe you haven't either. Welcome to my new world.

We did it!

There is a playground behind our apartment. Whenever I can psych myself up for it, I put David in a front carrier and walk Zoey out to burn off some energy. The worst part of going anywhere alone with the kids is having Zoey decide to run in the opposite direction as soon as our door is back in sight. Today was the first time she walked the whole way back!! Its so much nicer without the last second sprint and carry with both of them. I hope this sticks.